Welcome to Canvas

Welcome to Canvas

This course will introduce you to Canvas, the   yet  -to-use cloud platform for teaching and learning.  Here are just some of the cool things you can do with Canvas...


Canvas is a learning management system that simplifies teaching and learning by connecting all the digital tools teachers use in one simple place. Canvas is EASY, OPEN, ADAPTABLE, and SECURE and has a track record of success from kindergarten through high school, and even into college. That’s because it’s at the center of the classroom - streamlining instructional delivery, communication, student tracking, and reporting. Canvas is designed to get out of your way to let you do your thing. Every last feature, every last interface is crafted to save you time and effort and to make teaching and learning easier.

Canvas is a native-to-the-cloud, fully-hosted, all-inclusive, browser-enabled LMS and extensible education technology platform. Hosted on the state-of-the-technology Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud infrastructure and with Instructure’s guarantee of 99.9% system availability, Canvas provides anytime, anywhere 24/7/365 access with mobile support and free mobile apps included in the annual Canvas subscription fee at no additional cost.


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